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7R’s of Fashion Challenge


Waste Warriors, Student Leadership & Community Wide Activities!

This elementary school-wide Challenge is rooted in circular economy principles, through the lens of fashion. Where do our unwanted clothes end up? How do we keep them out of the landfill in the first place? What does closing the loop on fashion mean?  Using our 7R’s approach of Reduce, Reuse, Repair, Repurpose, Resale, Rental and Recycle – a student leadership team will lead the school community in an effort to learn just how much of an impact we can all have as individuals when it comes to keeping our clothes in use for as long as possible. Schools can choose to deliver the Challenge over the course of the year, within a few months or even in a couple of weeks. It is designed to be flexible and fit into your schedule. Activities can be done at the school level or by individual classrooms. One price provides access to the entire school.

Some of the activities include:

  • Clothing Swap
  • Rewear Challenge
  • At home Closet Audit
  • Upcycling t-shirts
  • Learn to Repair
  • Movie Night

And more...

Upon purchase, teachers will receive a lesson plan, facts and resources, a global calendar of events, poster templates, PA announcement and newsletter template to promote the Challenges, and social media assets to promote the 7R’s.

In addition, the 7R’s of Fashion Challenge includes our 7R’s of Circular Fashion Workshop ($50) at no charge! This digital workshop can be delivered to either all classrooms (grades 4-8) or just to the student leadership team. It is a recorded video with prompts to pause for group discussion or to complete questions in the accompanying workbook, and it comes with a lesson plan and answer key.

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Canadian price conversion is approximately: CAD$111.87 ($99 + HST)

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Teacher Resources
Newsletter & PA Announcement
Clothing Swap Guide
Closet Audit
2022-2023 Calendar of Events
7Rs Challenges & Activities
7Rs Challenge Lesson Plan
Social Media Assets
7R’s of Circular Fashion Workshop
Letter Writing Campaign

7R’s of Fashion Challenge

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